These were taken on the very beautiful Balbriggan beach. I love living in Dublin, something I never thought I would be saying when I lived in the south-west! Coming up to Dublin used to be mainly for the airport... now I can't imagine elsewhere to be. This beach is so incredible to walk on, there are stretches you can walk all the way to Meath on, and at night the lights of Dundalk are visible across the water. 

As I grew up a country girl, it refreshes and makes me feel at home to visit the less populated areas like this. I miss the forest so much! I dream of Finland and the symphony of the metsä, the beams of light - be they blue or white or yellow. Just as with past concrete jungles, I live for them, but equally for the escape.

Outfit details | jacket: Zara | shoes: eBay | dress: Ever Pretty (sponsored)

Midweek tomorrow... happy days!


  1. Loving this spring look but aren't you cold like this? Anyway, thumbs up for the styling. You did an amazing job

    1. It hadn't gotten too cold when these were taken, but definitely too chilly in Dublin now! Thank you :)

  2. Such a perfect look!Totally loving your outfit:)

  3. The dress is beautiful and it looks great on you!