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As the kind of redhead who has near see-through lashes and eyebrows naturally, it can be a blessing and a curse..  the pro for me is that they are really versatile for make-up looks, as you can colour them many shades or leave them neutral. The con for me is basically just that - they only really stand out with make-up on, and as my natural hair colour has darkened to an auburn with age, it can make it look quite washed out.

I go through stages of liking and disliking my own pale lash/brow colouring - I do think it's very unique and beautiful, but sometimes I just want to wake up not looking exhausted. When I have no definition of filled in lashes or brows, my irises look super dark, and my undereye circles come into the forefront.

Taken today! No make-up - love to wake up like this, feel so made up even when not.
The sun is making it's tentative beginnings in Ireland... (kind of) and as my eyes are really sensitive and water up in the sun, I decided to go and get some slightly more permanent mascara. I'd read and seen good things about NuEssence online before so I decided to go there!

The location is really convenient and well-placed, it's right off Grafton Street on South Anne Street, so it's easy to find. They have loads of treatments there, not just tinting - tanning, HD brows, all kinds of skincare, waxing, et cetera. Here is their website if you're near Dublin and want to check them out!

I found the experience and customer service in NuEssence awesome - it was really friendly and polite both days I went (initially to book and second for the appointment.) The atmosphere is bright and is very hygienic also, which is something I would find of utmost necessity in a beauty salon, so I was really pleased. 

I received a text reminder for my appointment (a service which is always useful!) and upon arriving I was shown a place to sit and fill out a form in regards to my tinting with the usual important questions, e.g. did I need a patch test for the dye. My beauty therapist, Joan, was lovely and put me at ease, and very talented - I think she did a brilliant job and she made the entire experience really quite relaxing and enjoyable.

It cost 20 euro for a brow/lash tint which I think is really reasonable. What with the great experience I had there, the customer service, the end result and the pricing, I'll definitely be going again! Highly recommended!

Until next time,
T xo

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