Arthur Rackham

Such beautiful imagery! The picture is my favourite that I've found yet, such a sinisterly elegant feel to it...


  1. I was rolling through your blog that I just discovered today from WWWD...I finally found someone with a similar style. I sometimes feel I am the only "strangely" dressed person in Austin...

    Anyway I saw this drawing years ago in a story book I had...and I have been searching for it since as I had forgotten the name and author. It's so beautiful, thank you for finding it.
    If you like this...please have a look at Harry Clarke. The ink work and detailing is similar. His work for Edgar Allen Poe is a bit haunting and disturbing, but he made very lovely artwork for Faust and Fairy Tales of Perrault.

  2. Anonymous8/1/10 17:02

    Hi there,
    I am really attracted by the content of your blog, me as well I am just crazy about aesthetics&food.
    I love the illustrations of Arthur Rackham and one of my great treasures is a book with his illustratioins which a friend gave to me. It´s phantastic.

  3. This is one of my all time favorite pictures. Do you know what medium Arthur Rackham used?

  4. oh yes, this is one of my favourites bu Rackham too. its so delicate

  5. Anonymous19/5/10 21:58

    Rackham used pen and watercolor.

  6. Anonymous26/5/10 18:23

    This is beautiful. What is this an illustration of? Does anyone know what book it's printed in? I've searched all the Arthur Rackham websites and kind find it! I love it and really want to know what Rackham was illustrating here.

  7. It's from "The Old Woman in the Wood", by the Brother's Grimm.