Today was one of those great winter days, where it's crisp and clear and cold, but very bright. I went to the gym today, as I decided to try give getting high off endorphins to combat dark-season depression a try. I have never really exercised, or felt inclined to, but it seems like a good idea - and it was really fun! I wasn't as unfit as I thought I was also, which is great.
I watched an interesting movie today also - Orphan. Another horror movie, but it had some good twists in it. Nothing much to say for the cinematography, but the 'orphan' was an amazing actress for her age, which made it good to watch. I can't really say much about it without ruining the plot line, but I thought it was good!
Currently eating Haribos and drinking Diet Coke. When I feel like a treat I buy Haribos, because I love gummy sweets! My favourites are the little men, the rings and the hearts - what about you? ;D
I'm going shopping tomorrow, so hopefully I'll find something I like... Nothing is striking my fancy lately. I can't stop thinking about Christmas - but only because I can't wait to cook all different kinds of food! I'll make a huge food post with some recipes (well, maybe - I keep my brownie and lemon tart recipes quite secret ;D ) around the holiday season. Let the cooking commence!

Devon Aoki is such a beautiful doll - I loved this spread in Numero Tokyo with her so much, I had to share it! Fantastic images.

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  1. I ahave totally girl crushed on this chick for years, she is STUNNING! Mind you, so are you ;)